As much of my portfolio is comprised of internal strategy and tools, I invite you to spend time with a few process case studies encompassing design, product, and strategy. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out. Documentation of how I work and the artifacts I produce are shareable with a private audience.

Case Study: Nordstrom Rewards

UX Design & Strategy
Spring 2015 - 2016,  3 minute read

A program built on the foundation of thanking customers for their loyalty, Nordstrom has an established 15-year business of offering credit and debit cards with benefits. In May of 2016, Nordstrom launched a Rewards option for customers to receive $20 for every $2,000 spent regardless of how you pay.

Case Study: Text Message Shopping

UX Design & Strategy
Spring - Fall 2013,  5 minute read

With the lofty and general goal of connecting younger customers with Nordstrom, a small subset of our team explored text messaging as a platform for communication and selling. The initial launch was titled "Text Style," a simple service that supported text communication and the sharing of product information and images between salespeople and customers.